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Artist statement

"My artistic process begins with the discovery of discarded objects, each carrying its own history and character. Through meticulous arrangement and strategic balancing, I construct sculptures that challenge the traditional notion of solidity. These structures, seemingly on the brink of disintegration, serve as metaphors for the precariousness of human existence.

By incorporating elements from the natural world—such as branches, stones, or feathers—I infuse my work with a sense of organic vitality. These materials, subject to the relentless forces of time and decay, highlight the transient nature of life itself. Yet, amidst this fragility, there is a quiet resilience—a reminder of the enduring beauty that persists despite the passage of time.

Through my art, I seek to provoke contemplation on the delicate balance between permanence and impermanence. Each sculpture is a meditation on the fleeting moments that comprise our existence, urging viewers to reflect on their own place within the larger tapestry of time. In embracing the ephemeral, we find a deeper appreciation for the fragile beauty that surrounds us."

Gregory Simpson

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